Oct 31 2019


This one is hard to write yet I am compelled to. I have been an angsty dude since birth and it’s difficult to shake my bad attitude sometimes. But if you read this blog you can see the edges are wearing off and the journey for expansion is well under way.

It’s a rocky road for sure and this is what I found. There are 3 keys to unlock the next dimension. Actually it’s a combination lock with 3 inputs. Those inputs are Peace, Love, and Understanding.

Why unlock the next dimension? Because humans need to evolve because shit is hella fucked up right now.

This is our duty.

Oct 31 2019


Pushing is related to doing, but pulling is related to being. What are you pushing towards? Could it be easier to pull it in by simply just being it? I think so.

I think in this confusing day and age that the sooner we become, the sooner we can get to work. Not the other way around.

Oct 20 2019


Be as you are, not as you do. You do because you are, you are not because you do.

Oct 19 2019


100 flowers. 100 hours. Like a horticulturist, nurture your hours as if they were flowers.

Oct 17 2019


Jealousy and envy, judgement, resentment and frustration. Remove these from your vocabulary. These are flow stoppers.

Oct 16 2019


In peace, we expand. In suffering, we contract. Sometimes due to circumstances, we don’t have a choice of peace over suffering. But, we can always choose expansion over contraction.

Oct 15 2019


When monitoring your physical diet it’s easy to say what needs to come and what needs to go. It’s easy to set up the parameters. Easier said than done, I know. But when trying to do the same for your mental diet not sure it’s as simple as that.

Ignoring things is how people get killed in traffic. Like it’s not that smart to “ignore the negative” if you think about it.

So I’m thinking a more proper mental diet is about considering how you think, feel, and act when something negative arises. This is being “mindful”. This is being proactive instead of reactive. Again, easier said than done.

Oct 13 2019


Just over here still trying to make stuff happen. Some more trick tips. Write down goals. Something like 80% of goals made are the ones written down. You knew that. But a good one on top of that one is to write down all possible obstacles to reach said goals and then how to deal with them. For instance, travel or scheduling or cash flow or whatever. Because problems will always roll up, it’s a given. How nice is it to already have a plan for when it does.

Oct 12 2019


So you know that your thoughts can effect your cells. This is why the placebo effect works. If you believe a fake pill is going to cure a disease in your body, it does.

Thoughts effect our gene expression and inside our genes are DNA. We know that our DNA can store like trillions of bits of info. This could be why creating a reality shift feels time consuming. We have to purge our DNA and / or reprogram it.

Microsoft is making computers with synthetic DNA because it can store so much data. Silicon chips are just not gonna cut it in the future. This is crazy to me considering artificial intelligence, etc.

This is a true story too, a dude at IBM figured out how to store data on quartz crystals. Quartz is made of silicon, he invented the hard drives we are using right now. This was the beginning of Silicon Valley. Eventually, he realized that he didn’t need a computer interface to program a crystal. He just needed his mind.

Marcel Vogel quit IBM and started playing with crystals and cutting them into different shapes and using them for therapeutic purposes.

The point is that science figured out how to program crystals and now program DNA, but we were born with the ability already because of our thoughts, beliefs, habits, etc. We forget sometimes.

Oct 10 2019


A prequel for yesterday’s post. Accept everything. Accept responsibility. Accept reality as it is now, realize the things that need to change, then change them.

We live in a whiny culture, people complain about everything. It’s useless and draining. We are all guilty of it. No more complaining, judging, talking, etc. Only action.

Oct 08 2019


Literally like 2 days ago I started doing affirmations. Today, at the self operated coin car wash I put $5 in the change machine and it spit out over $100 in coins.

I looked around, there were no attendees. I looked around, no other customers noticed that this change machine is now a slot machine and I just won.

There were no phone numbers to call on the machine so I figured these coins are mine now. That’s their bad for a broken machine. Right?

Also today, I got paid on a job that for sure I thought wouldn’t pay for at least a couple more weeks.

Is it the affirmations? Or is it random? I’m gonna say it’s the affirmations.

I’ve read about them and never tried them, they didn’t appeal to me for some reason. Although the idea that we can influence our subconscious mind by way of our conscious mind is very real to me. As it is our subconscious mind that is running this projection called reality.

Anyways, I read some new things about affirmations that resonated and changed my mind.

First, switch them to 3rd person. Then align them to your goals while affirming the action of the goal. This makes it more truthful, more meaningful, and more actionable. Write them down if you have to and run them through your head all day.

For example saying, “I make a million dollars per month,” it doesn’t feel legit therefore becomes negligible. But something like, “Ray is committed to making a million dollars per month,” sounds more flowy because it reinforces the action of commitment. Also when using it in 3rd person, it’s like a command to the subconscious. Or a new paradigm for an identity shift.

Write them in your own words and make them particular to you. (The million dollars example is just an example and not my real one, or ones. I’m running like 10 of them at the moment.)

This last part is the most important part, that is to confirm it when your reality starts shifting. You find a penny on the ground, you get a synchronicity about an opportunity or whatever, use that as confirmation that the affirmations are now working. Confirm it, log it, lock it in. This seals the deal.

This confirmation is the attitude of gratitude and that attitude will bring change. More updates on this later.