Sep 30 2019


No limits. We know we are capable of extremes, but even just defining that extreme could be limiting.

I think the Navy Seals are the guys who make you do push ups until your tired, then after that is when they start counting. They know that you always have 40% left in the tank. Like you might feel all the way done, but secretly unbeknownst to you, you’re maybe only half done.

I have some friend’s that have painted themselves into a corner and not sure how to get out. This happens to me all the time. It’s natural to plot a way out, strategize, get help. But sometimes you have to go less logical and hypothetical and go deep beast mode. And now we know that when you’re done, you’re actually not.

Ok in order to not be so vague, I skipped posting yesterday. Not on purpose, but because I had a lot going on. One idea is to write like 5 posts in advance so there is always a cushion in case some days get hectic. Doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but it’s not strategy it’s extra push ups at the end of the day.

Sep 28 2019


Every second we have at least 1 billion options in front of us. Every second we are making a choice. Some decisions may seem to be more important than other decisions, but one can argue that each one of them are equally important.

Sep 27 2019


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Use your dimensions. Use your dreams. Use your mirrors. Use your magnets.

Sep 26 2019

King of all Realms

I’m liking the language that popped out in the last post, so I’m gonna keep it going till it’s annoying.

There are 4 main realms within each of us. The realm of the mind, the realm of the body, the emotional realm, and the spiritual realm.

The idea is that we explore and take responsibility of these realms, fix them up, sort them out and eventually we are “self-realized” or have “mastery of self”. Mastery of self is mastery of thoughts and since our thoughts make up reality we can say that we are now “master of reality” or “king of all realms” which I just made up.

The dilemma is that while exploring you find out each realm is infinite and eternal and there just isn’t enough time to comprehend it all. And as you get deeper, more realms open up. Dream realms, pain realms, energy realms, elemental realms, galactic realms, celestial realms, etc etc.

Your consciousness is forced to expand, it feels like a paradox, existing in multiple locations at multiple times. It is not a paradox, it is multi-dimensionality.

All the Lord of the Rings movies are on Netflix right now. In one of them the Father Elf, let’s call him Daddy Elfman, says to Aragorn, “Set aside the Ranger and become the King you were meant to be!”

He is basically calling out Aragorn because all he wants to do is roll around with the homies, but the orcs are out of control and Middle Earth has no proper king right now.

Maybe it’s time we all call ourselves out.

Maybe if we can better create our realities, then we can better co-create the collective reality.

Sep 25 2019


We have an inner voice and an outer voice. You use both every day all day, so you are familiar with these 2 realms. If you think about it you can sense there are more realms to explore. Could each of the realms have their own voice? Their own truths? I think it is worth it to find out. The realms of your dreams, your heart, your body, your brain, etc. In these realms there are monsters to battle, yet golden nuggets also await. In which you will need to become the best version of yourself, the real version.

Sep 24 2019


Day 2 on my mission to blog everyday. It already feels like a maximum effort. But maybe that’s the point of it, extreme and extraordinary effort for the sake of exercising that muscle. We’ll see.

Don’t worry I don’t plan on counting the days.

Sep 23 2019


Not sure exactly why but there’s an itchy part of me that says blog every day. If you follow this, you know I’ve tried. Many times. And I get pretty good at it, but then a trip comes up or some work gig and it’s gets all screwed up. Gonna try again though.

Doesn’t make much sense, especially when I try to explain it to someone out loud, but that’s what it’s all about right. Listening to intuition and surrendering to it. Not a huge fan of that word “surrender” but when we replace it with “allow” or “trust” then it sounds more flow-y and less resistance-y.

It’s just interesting that “update the blog everyday” is coming in way louder than say, “take photos everyday”, or “make zines/books everyday”. I do have these feelings but they are lesser than blog. I do like the writing but the message isn’t, “write something everyday”. It’s a very clear, “update the blog everyday.”

The idea is that your higher self knows what’s best for you and communicates with you through your intuition. We have all experienced the type of tension where you want to do something, but something feels off and you back out or go the other way all of sudden for no apparent reason. Like work was hectic today and I was gonna go for a walk right now but the blog is sitting here, all hungry and waiting.

Could it lead to bigger and better things? I have looked into it multiple times. Bloggers earn a living by evolving into book writers, online teachers, public speakers, youtubers, podcasters, all of the above or more. Not sure any of those things are calling me. (Though I have experimented and I still think it would be cool to podcast regulary, just hard to find guests to commit.)

I actually think there are multiple higher selves, many in each dimension.

Let’s say you are in 3rd grade. Let’s say you are in danger of failing class. So you call up your future 12th grade self, a senior in high school, and say, “I need help with my homework.” He will say, “Who cares if you fail. You need to learn it one way or another. It’s ok if you get held back a grade because you will still graduate high school.”

Not very helpful. But if you call up your 5th grade self, who is still in the same school and familiar with the teachers and campus, then maybe his insights will be more helpful. My imagination gets vivid sometimes and maybe this analogy isn’t the right one.

Either way, I think this blog probably helps my brain with organization of thoughts, ideas, and photos. At the very least, we can say that is worth it. But is it necessary to go everyday?


Ok, everyday it is then.

Sep 18 2019


I talked to the Cheetah today. He has visited my dreams before, along side some other animals like the Whale and the Eagle. But today he showed up solo and he talked for the first time.

All he said was, “Purpose is speed.”

I have been feeling under the gun lately and behind on all my deadlines. Before when I’d see him, I thought it was a symbol for utilizing speed. Like the message was that I have speed or am built for speed so I can afford to push it a little harder.

But today was different. Purpose is speed. Have purpose, have speed. Speed is purpose. Cheetah is the fastest land animal and has speed to catch food or escape predators. Survival purpose. Great purpose.

I ended up with more questions than answers. Humans are asked to do more since our survival in suburbia is a little easier than living in the jungle. I thought I had purpose, could I have a misalignment? Could my purpose right now be incorrect or false? Or in the areas where I need things to hurry up, are my actions and thoughts and feelings not purposeful?

Maybe a little of everything. Lots to think about. But his words woke me up, that’s for sure.

Sep 16 2019


My brother is a chef and the other day he had a pop up at our friends restaurant, Burgerlords. It was a full house. Got a few pics.