Jul 22 2019


Sometimes I get cosmic on here and sometimes I get quantum. But “as above, so below”. This means our external reality is a reflection of our internal reality, so we study both.

But usually if we are looking for something externally, most likely we have to find it somewhere internally first.

A while ago when I first moved to LA I said to my sister something like, “When I get rich I wanna go to the beach all the time.” She said, “The beach is free, dude.”

I had some dumb belief that only people with lots of money can go to the beach.

A simple example but you can see how ridiculous our minds can be. These beliefs can be blocking the flow of what it is we really want. Once the belief was gone, I could see how I could make the beach happen and instantly it became a part of my external reality.

Beliefs, stories, attachments, entanglements, etc can all be blocking, clogging, and anchoring us internally. You already know all this. Happy journeys on your path to self mastery.

Jul 19 2019


We talked about “alignment” before. I am talking about alignment of mind, body, and spirit. If your mind wants to go one way but your body and spirit want to go another way, you can find yourself running around in circles.

We can use our words to re-frame certain thoughts and ideas and beliefs to get everyone on the same page.

Obvious example. As a business owner, I am constantly irritating myself with thoughts of how to sell more books per month. The solution, as I often forget, is to re-frame it and ask how to inspire more people per month. The ego mind says we need to pay the bills, all stressy and spammy causing the spirit to be disgruntled. The spirit wants to be creative and connect with people. The re-frame of trying to inspire more people per month satisfies both aspects and we are now on the same page.

I get tripped up on this and thought I’d share because I see others getting tripped up. Not just in business but in all aspects of life. Relationships, health, purpose, etc.

I have a friend who sees the discipline of health as pain and sacrifice. I’m like uhhhhhh, can’t exercise and diet just simply be the idea of you being nice to your body?

Another friend, who wants to be in a relationship, sees relationships as too much work. Isn’t it possible to meet someone where it clicks and it’s fun?

Not saying that we don’t have to go through the fire and battle our innermost demons to level up, but sometimes we can just use our words too.

Jul 08 2019


We’ve heard them say perception is reality. And we know that there are trillions of bits of information that make up reality and that our brains can only pick up about 2 million of these bits.

This means our perception of reality is pretty narrow compared to what reality actually is. (It also means reality can be epicly flexible by way of perception.)

This adds another dimension to the conversation. When we say we are creating reality, are we really saying we are creating our perception of reality? Could our perception be synonymous with transmission/reception? Or is it more of a collaboration?

If so, we are getting closer. One part, focus. One part, belief systems. One part, thoughts and feelings. The sum of these 3 parts equals our signature frequency shaping our perception and thus our reality.

The search continues..

Jul 04 2019


I started this blog on July 4th a few years ago. I remember thinking that I need a place to dump my photos that’s not owned by some corporation. I remember feeling boxed in by not just the limitations of social media but also my other sites, the publishing world, and even Hamburger Eyes.

This is why I always tell everyone they should have a blog even if no one reads it. You can be free and you’re still sharing. People can visit as they please or not at all and it’s fine.

This has kind of set the tone for this blog, that is the search for freedom!

Let’s celebrate the journey for we are getting closer and closer.