Jun 30 2019


There seems to be the truth of reality and our own personal truth. Like maybe unicorns are real but I have never seen one. What is the truth? If we are experiencing a reality of the collective consciousness, then it must be our personal truths influencing it.

Our truth isn’t what we “know” to be true, our truth is what we “believe” to be true. And we already know that our beliefs can be false. We can find seeds of feelings and emotions in our truths. At one point Santa was real for us. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions were influenced by parents or marketing or whatever and then formed a belief. That belief became the truth.

I think that I am saying that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions form our beliefs. Then those beliefs form our truth which then becomes our reality.

So, we can out grow or evolve out of limiting beliefs or we can be deliberate about it and make beliefs.

I have a friend who believes he can’t get a girlfriend because he doesn’t drive a Tesla. I’m like what the fuck are you talking about and who are these girls you are going after.

Thousands of examples but the main go to one is the guy who ran the 4 minute mile. Scientists, doctors, etc said it was physically impossible. Then a guy did it. And soon after a bunch of people did it and now do it all the time.

If we can dream then maybe our lives can be more dreamy.

Jun 20 2019


Knowledge isn’t real. I am summarizing some ideas from books by Don Miguel Ruiz and Eckhart Tolle mixed with some of my own ideas. Actually, knowledge can be real but sometimes it isn’t the truth.

We know that you are supposed to stop at a red light, but that doesn’t mean someone won’t run it and cause an accident at any given time. So it is not truthful to say everyone stops at a red light, yet it is common knowledge.

What we know is like a half truth. It is an experience of reality mixed with our interpretation of what happened.

Adam and Eve got kicked out of Eden because they ate from the Tree of Knowledge instead of the Tree of Life. Don Miguel explains this is because knowledge is our interpretation of the truth which is a distortion, while life itself is the truth.

I have read in other books the Tree of Knowledge actually referenced as the Tree of Illusion.

Both authors describe this split with words like conscious and unconscious, reality and illusion, the living and the undead, truth and half truth, etc.

Eckhart Tolle says we are naturally in a state like a cork floating on the surface of water. We are often pulled under into the unconscious by our thoughts, beliefs, and “knowledge”. We just have to let go of what we know and float back up to consciousness.

This is interesting to me because self-awareness is interesting to me. Finding out what holds us down is interesting to me.

If we are energy, then we are vibrating at a certain frequency. I like to think that frequency is how frequently we are aligned with the truth. Sometimes we are at a high vibration, that is being highly aligned with our truth. And sometimes not, which means are spending too much time in the land of illusion.

What we do know is that we don’t really know anything. Which brings us back to the main point, that life isn’t a puzzle to be solved. Life is to be lived. Let’s go live and try to live a little better than we did yesterday.

Jun 19 2019

Energy Reports

You may have noticed I stopped doing the weekly energy reports. I think they kept starting to sound the same. What’s happening is the Earth is being bombarded with energies on a regular basis. Huge transformationalistic shifts are happening. This is a good thing for us and it will continue for a while.

Some of these waves are purging and cleansing, some are healing and integrating. And some are just straight up portal opening dimension shifting DNA upgrading illumination. And these waves are coming in random cycles. Some from deep space, some from the Sun, all in tandem with Mother Earth.

If you are feeling it, allow it and accept it. If you need to, call me.

Jun 16 2019


I was sick for 5 days. Feeling better. Great story. Now I am in SF.

I was just thinking about how our well being is good enough. Meaning that I have been writing a lot about purpose and goals and shifting realities, but our being well is where it starts and where it ends.

Could it be so simple? Be well now, that’s it. That vibration will surely attract the proper reality.

I came to SF to watch the Warriors win the NBA Finals. They lost. And while doing it, 2 of their players got injured so badly that they will likely miss the entire next season.

What is “winning”? And at what point is the truth of passion and purpose over written by illusions of sacrifice and desperation?

Jun 05 2019


I didn’t make this up. It sounds like science fiction. People with multiple personality disorders will exhibit different physical traits when embodying different personalities.

It’s one thing to exhibit perceived things like vocal tone or strength level or whatever. But it’s a whole different thing when actual physical attributes like eye color or illness or disease switch on and off as soon as another personality is in charge.

This just goes to show how much we don’t know about the mind body connection. It also shows how our reality is actually pretty flexible.

In my last post I wrote about just “being” yourself, but I know it wasn’t enough because what is our “self”?

I see our “self” as a combination of our belief systems and our stories that we tell ourselves. These beliefs and stories make up our personality. So, we can say our personality makes up our personal reality.

This kind of gives us a shortcut. We do need self-awareness to take inventory and de-clutter our beliefs and life stories, but if we also try to embody the personality of our desired future’s self then maybe we accelerate the process.

Jun 04 2019


Not sure who said that we are “beings” not “doings”, but I like it and just thought of it. You would think it gets easier as you get older, but it doesn’t.

I’m talking about “being” your best self as opposed to “doing” your best self. I’m not talking about laying around and chilling all day, but I am talking about letting go of ideas of what we should be doing or what we are supposed to be doing. Being who you are versus being who you think or others think you are supposed to be.

It doesn’t seem right, like am I throwing away my goals? Like there should be some kind of balance or formula of action and I think there is.

I think we need 2 things, like 2 points on a map. Point A is your purpose/passion. Point B is your goals/desires.

We spend most of our time strategizing and stressing how to get from Point A to Point B. “How?” becomes an obsession and probably the seed of comparing yourself to others creating jealousy, judgments, criticisms, etc.

The new idea is to fire up our purpose and passion (Point A) to such a great level that our goals and desires (Point B) are automatically magnetized and comes to us in it’s own way, probably completely differently than we could have imagined.

So, feeding that purpose and passion is really the only “action” that we need to worry about and maybe the most important thing we ever do.

Belief is half of it, the other half is letting go of the “how”. At that time, we are now just “being”.