May 28 2019


It’s hard to let go of the reigns. It’s hard to go with the flow and let it take us. I am seeing that the what when were why are not as important as the “how” and people struggle with it.

This is probably what I struggle with the most too. I know that I like photography. I also know that I really don’t have a desire to pitch to commercial clients or pitch to museums for exhibition. Neither seems correct for the type of photography I do, but both are how photographers make that grown man money. Add to it the fact that now all I wanna do is blog. LOL.

So “how” then? Peace gratitude joy and trust are the go to answers you find when studying this stuff. Action and goal setting too. These are the correct tools but never what you want to hear, probably because they are already in your tool box and you haven’t experienced big leaps yet. So letting go of the “how” becomes nearly impossible.

Nothing is impossible though, right? We want to steer this river from an observable viewpoint but, we are the river. We have to let go and flow up over and around the mountains or go straight through and rampage a new path. Some make it look so easy and I’m guessing it’s because they let go. They let go of any pre-conceived notions and desired outcomes and just let it flow.

The flow generates opportunities. The flow generates a higher vibration. We just have to start paying better attention and maintain a full blast flow state at all times. Easy?

May 28 2019

Energy Forecast

Energy Forecast for the week of 5/28/2019 – 6/4/2019

Lots of ups and downs the past couple of weeks for people. Some days were frantic and some days were draining where it was tough to motivate.

This week will be a relief as we are getting some well deserved calmness. We are entering a new month which will have it’s own signature, but we get some smooth sailing until then.

If you were able to integrate all the energies of the last couple weeks then this week will provide a very chill work life and personal life. I think this is because June will have some big changes and new chapters beginning as May had some chapters ending.

Just a note. Time isn’t really linear so everyone will experience what they are supposed to experience at the time they are experiencing it. We are all unique and have our unique paths. That being said, these energies come in to help facilitate change for those who need it and are ready for it. Sounds like a disclaimer, I know. Like this energy report could mean something months ago or in months to come for different people. But honoring your own path and honoring the paths of others will encourage the expansion of self and of all. This is exciting to me.

May 22 2019


Some more thoughts about shifting timelines. I wrote about it before, the idea of bringing the vibration of a desirable future into this now moment to create a new reality. I wrote about deleting old energies, patterns, and beliefs to make room for the new stuff but was thinking today about what else needs to happen.

While we can clear some major stuff, we may not be aware of all the aspects of ourselves attached to this particular timeline which means we will be attached to this timeline’s particular future until we do so.

We have anchors holding us back. We can ditch some of the weight off the side of the boat, but the anchors we have to reel in and we aren’t going any where until we do so.

They call this “fragmentation”.

An obvious example is the genius piano prodigy who is meant to take over the family restaurant. He can assert himself and go into music, or he can work on his spaghetti game and take the business to another level because he loves his family and their food. Either way, his spirit is fragmented.

One is holding back the other is our default conclusion. It’s causing lots of stress and we have to make a tough decision. How about put a piano in the restaurant? Can both co-exist? The new idea is to reel in the anchors, make peace with them, and move forward.

Addressing all these fragments of ourselves will bring us back to “wholeness”. We each have 100s of these anchors. We don’t have to cut them all, some can cruise with. From here we are no longer attached to that old timeline, nor the future of that timeline. We are creating a new one or shifting to the correct one.

This ties in with my last post because if we have wholeness, then unity and oneness will come next naturally.

May 21 2019

Forces of Nature

Some say we experience “contrast” so that we know which direction to go towards. We have to know and understand “bad” to really know where “good” is. Some say we are here to experience that full range of emotions and then learn from those experiences in order to evolve.

I cannot speak about mental disorders, nor is this about morality. I am just thinking about our dualistic nature and where it is going from here.

Good bad right wrong, black white. The spectrum of gray is uncomfortable but is also kinda of unifying. Like agreeing to disagree is still agreeing.

I know there are 1000s of topics, if not millions, where the gray area is not acceptable and it is possible that I am not speaking about this properly. But I just have an optimistic view that we as a people are evolving and that appreciation of others is happening.

I feel like things are being shaken up a lot lately causing our perspectives to widen. The old ways of thinking, the old regime, the dominant paradigm is hanging on for dear life. They are flexing with all their might and abusing whatever power they have left because they are sensing their days are numbered.

Really they are just providing more contrast which is waking up all these new found voices. A new system to accommodate all these voices will become the new reality of unification.

On the spiritual side of things, when we talk about “enlightenment” or “illumination” we are talking about Christ Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness or Krishna Consciousness or whatever you want, which is in basic essence, the service to others. As opposed to Luciferian Consciousness which is the service to self.

We can’t help anyone until we can help ourselves. This is why when your airplane is about to crash, they tell you to put on your oxygen mask first before you try to save your kid or whoever.

I am saying that through contrast we learned how to service ourselves, take care of ourselves, survive and figure out what we like and don’t like.

Through unity, we will learn service to others and enlightenment as a group. We are on the precipice on an epic new era. What a time to be alive.

May 21 2019

Tues 2 Tues

Energy Report for Tues 5/21 – Tues 5/27

Last week might’ve been more crazier for some of you than others. Hopefully it brought about some awareness.

This week take it easy if needed. You might be feeling drained. If you do, it means you received a lot. Relax and recuperate, drink lots of water and enjoy the new upgrades.

When light comes in, basically 3 things are happening. It is deleting old stuff, updating existing stuff, and installing new stuff. Use this week to reboot and take inventory.

Be careful about taking on too much this week. Take it easy and reset. Listen to your heart when making decisions or just put it off till next week if possible.

For some of you who can handle it, more light is coming in. This is a nutty time in history as the upgrades are accelerated like never before. So much so that there may be physical symptoms like pain and inflammation.

I am not a doctor, but if you are feeling tired, stressed, inflammed, and extra sensitive for seemingly no reason hit me up and let’s discuss. Our bodies are changing rapidly. It’s a trippy time for sure.

May 18 2019


We tend to believe our power comes from external factors like monthly income, relationships, etc. Some of these things do produce satisfaction for sure, but real personal power comes from within.

Each person is born with a unique energy signature that is meant to expand over time. I think most problems in our personal lives and in society are because of the suppression of that expansion.

People in positions of power feel threatened and will do anything to maintain their position. Again, they believe they don’t have any power so they must take it from others. At some point they were suppressed and believe this is the only way to re-fuel.

I think we need to spend more effort on developing our own growth process. It is us that does the most damage to ourselves. Awareness is half the battle, action is next.

Have you ever felt stuck or in a rut? Where is your energy being blocked or stopped up? What actions need to happen to open the flood gates?

For me, I thought I was very lucky to have photography. I thought I had it made until I entered the professional world of competition, capitalism, criticism, etc. I would go through peaks and valleys of self doubt to confidence to everything sucks to everything is cool. I thought these cycles were normal.

Then one day, actually not that long ago, I started writing random thoughts and ideas on this site. I felt the flood gates open. I didn’t know that I would like blogging. I don’t know if anything will ever come it, but I do know a new certain type of freedom and flow has occurred. And it has seeped into other areas of my life, including my photography.

Not that I don’t have days of self doubt, but ideas of “good” and “bad” or “success” or “failure” are starting to slip to the wayside. I am feeling not so concerned with “results” and just feeling excited about seeking and discovering, just as it was when I got my first camera.

Everyone’s life experience is totally different. I am just saying if you are feeling stuck or suppressed or blocked or whatever it may be, it could be a matter of trying something new and experimenting. Find the key that will unleash the beast, the beast that is your personal power. And if anyone tries to take it, they will be eaten alive.

May 17 2019

Freedom Paradox

This double headed eagle represents power over East and West, then eventually it was adopted by others to symbolize the power of church and state.

I wanted to write about freedom. There so much trouble in the world right now, so many power hungry people trying to dominate and take away power from other people. It’s saddening and frustrating.

I keep thinking that the more we can change ourselves, the more we can help others change. I keep thinking about if I can break free, then I can try to find the keys to break others out too.

Then I was going to write about separation vs unity and how governments are using tactics such as “divide and conquer” and propaganda etc etc.

But I’m kind of at a loss for words. What really is freedom? It means different things for different people.

We all know people like artists or musicians or actually any profession who seemingly are at the highest level of creative freedom and expression yet are battling demons in such a way that leads to depression or drug addiction or alcohol abuse or whatever.

Which is why for me (if you’ve been reading this blog at all), freedom starts personally. Like we all have our personal prison labyrinth with multiple levels of mental walls, physical walls, emotional walls, and spiritual walls. This is why “break throughs” feel like you really broke through something.

What kind of break through does a person who is lacking personal power need to have? Why would this person need to take power from another person? What kind of fear is running around in their brain telling them to take power from people of a certain gender or people of a certain race? And what kind of fear is in people that think it’s ok?

So many factors from education and upbringing to belief systems etc. We have a lot of work to do. How do you show love to a hateful person? How do you show non-judgment and non-prejudice to a judgmental and prejudiced person?

We often chose our battles like giving a homeless person some money vs not giving a person a home based on income and credit score. Or judging a person’s haircut vs not judging your own dental hygiene.

All this separateness is moving us in the opposite direction of unity. Sometimes we might see unity and think that individuality would disappear, but I think individuality would prosper since we would be free-er of judgement.

This is the paradox. To have freedom, it’s gonna take work and discipline. And those words don’t sound super freedom-y at all really. But we chose this life didn’t we. So let’s work. Everyday. And sing while we are doing it. Sing songs of freedom. Everyday.

May 14 2019

Galactic Citizen

Imagine a video game. The only control you have in the game is to enter the birthday of your character. Maybe you want your character to roam around with dinosaurs or be part of building the great pyramid of Giza.

At a certain point, you do have little controls. But only really leaving hints and clues hoping that he or she will follow a certain path you are leading them on.

What if the purpose of the game is to see how many levels of consciousness you can get them to?

What if you chose that particular birth date because that particular era of time happens to be the easiest era of time to level up your character? What if that time is now?

What if every time your character levels up, you get more communication and influence over your character?

What if at a certain level you get to merge with your character and be in the game?

What if you are blob of energy and you dropped a tiny droplet of yourself in the game and the purpose is to reunite with your droplet, safe and sound with a lifetime of experience?

What if the purpose of that is to rack up enough experience points to up level in this dimension?

May 14 2019

Tues 2 Tues

Energy Forecast for May 14 – May 21

Another download of things we can maybe expect this week. Everyone is moving at their own pace and some of these messages may or may not resonate with you. But I think if you are reading this, then you gravitated here for one reason or another.

This week is more of the waves from last week. More clearing and more awareness. More clarity. Less up and down, less rough, but just as effective.

It’s subtle this week. Look for signs, symbols, and synchronicities. The landing strip has been lit up for you to land your plane, but you might not be seeing it clearly.

It’s ok though. We’re learning how to surf these waves. It’s ok to bail. It’s just water. This may bring up some fears. You don’t have to engage them today, just look at them in the eyes and see what they want. Take notes.

Most fears have to do with safety which can be discussed. If you are up to it, begin negotiations.

Everything in nature is either growing or shrinking, expanding or contracting. Including you. Enjoy the process.

May 13 2019


In the NBA, the commentators on TNT often mention “The Others”. They are referring to the other players on the team that are not the superstar player. The Others have to step up in order to go from a good team to a great team.

Yesterday the Trailblazers won and their star player didn’t have a great game at all. Kenny Smith mentioned that The Others pulled him from the hole he was in and that’s how they won.

Let’s say we are on a 4 man basketball team and our players names are Health, Wealth, Love, and Purpose. Every now and then one will have a terrible game, sometimes more than one of them at once. I think the player that can always have a good game and pull the team out of the hole at any given time is Purpose.

When you’re looking at a friend who’s in a bad rut you say things like, “At least he’s got his health,” or “At least he’s got some money,” or “At least he has his wife still.” It’s rare that purpose is mentioned and I think it’s because it’s rare that people even think about it.

What is it? Google definition:

1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

1. have as one’s intention or objective.

It’s often easier to define purpose for ourselves by what we don’t want. We have job so that we are’t homeless. We have a girlfriend because we don’t want to be single. But this can only take us so far.

When your using a map app, you have to tell it exactly where to go. Knowing what neighborhoods you don’t like is not enough.

Sure there are levels to this. Everyday we have big and little objectives and missions to sort out, but in the grand scheme of things I think an overall life purpose is worth defining for yourself. At least for now because it will change and grow.

I find that my own purpose seems to keep transforming and evolving and sometimes has apparently gone missing, but what is happening is it is refining and re-defining itself with the times, developementally technically culturally socially spiritually anthropologetically etc.

Who knew my 7th grade photography hobby would lead to “blogger”?

May 11 2019

Time Shift

More thoughts on thoughts about the last post I wrote. It was about “time heisting” by bringing in a future reality by way of imagination and integrating the thought patterns of that future reality into this one.

First, to make this happen, we have to lighten the load we are already carrying. We have to make room for this future reality. To do this we have to let go of old molds, records, and patterns.

Second, we are not “going” and “getting”. We are “being” and “receiving”. I think this is important to note because we are always seeking, it’s in our nature. We are “receiving” future thoughts and “being” a future version of ourselves in this now moment, thus reality will have to reshape itself to accommodate us today.

This makes me think this is all about vibration just as much as anything else. That we have moved from an era of, “In order for this to happen, this this and this must happen first.” Now it’s an era of just being in the same vibration as what we want and it will manifest.

I think living a life full of purpose will get us to that vibration easier because at that point you are already thinking, doing, and being at a higher frequency than normal.

You have seen those people that have it all and how things just keep getting easier for them. Could it be they are just operating with supreme focus and purpose? I think so.

May 10 2019

Time Heist

In the Avengers: Endgame, they joke about a “time heist” throughout the movie as they go back to different timelines via the quantum realm and collect the infinity stones from the past to use them in the present.

I think we can do our own time heist.

“All is mental” is the first Hermetic Principle, otherwise known as The Cosmic Laws. I was planning to write about these laws soon so I am ahead of myself a bit here. It basically states that our entire universe lives in our minds. In our thoughts.

What if we use our maximum creativity levels and imagine a future version of ourselves. This future version has everything we could ever want and desire. What are this person’s thoughts, habits, and way of life? How does this person eat, sleep, and spend their days?

We can use those thought patterns from the future and bring them to this present moment as if they are our own. Our reality could change as soon as instantly.

Think about how it works in reverse. You remember a shitty time you had on a date and now you don’t wanna go on dates. Your present reality was affected by a memory from the past. What if instead you used a positive near future memory?

Think about how fear plays into our daily decisions. If fear can have that much power over our present moment, imagine what a whole future thought pattern package download could do.

Let’s play with this and share some results.

May 08 2019


Energy Report for Tuesday May 7 2019 – Tuesday May 14 2019

If you didn’t already know, Earth is going through a massive shift. All inhabitants of Earth therefore must go through this shift as well. Old patterns, systems, and beliefs are being filtered out and we may be feeling it mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

These energies come in waves. Sometimes big, sometimes small. Enjoy the ride. Lots incoming this week. May have you feeling up or down. Light is being shown onto the darker areas of your life.

This light will highlight things that aren’t so pretty, but it is in this awareness alone that will bring clearing and healing.

No need to resist. Go with the flow. There will be a feeling of needing to let go. Do it with zero hesitation. This is all good for you. Get rest when you need it. Drink lots of water and spend time in nature when possible.