Apr 24 2019


This is Jodie and Stephen from These Days gallery and bookstore. They are awesome and if you are in downtown LA go visit them. We did a book signing at their place last night and it was super fun.

I kinda left out a few things from my last post about the reality mirror. I was writing about how if things aren’t going your way externally, then there may be something going on internally. And I know what it feels like to seemingly be doing everything right yet everything is still seemingly very wrong.

Luckily, we were born with a built in alarm system. That is your emotions. When you start to catch a cold, your body will give you a heads up with a runny nose, maybe a cough, maybe some tiredness. This is your body telling you to slow down and take care of it. I think it’s the same with your emotions and your mental, physical, and spiritual well being.

When you are feeling sad, angry, frustrated, jealous, etc, it’s something telling you to address the situation. We are all too good at making ourselves feel better, but then sooner or later the same problems rise up. This is like taking the battery out of the smoke alarm because it went off on accident and is super annoying, but it is there for good reason.

I’m saying if you are feeling bummed out, you may need to lean into it deeper and find out why you are bummed. It’s too easy to go get ice cream or tequila and worry about it later. It’s too easy to say, “I’m just being dumb, everything is all good.” While everything is all good, it’s not really all good if you are not feeling all good. I say feel all good once the alarm has been cleared and reset but not before.

That being said, what we think we want mentally may not be the same as what we want physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is the “alignment” I was talking about.

It is turning out that this path of betterment and self mastery isn’t a path at all. It’s a choice. The choice to pay attention or not and act accordingly. Not saying it’s easy though. But we are in this together.

Apr 20 2019

What Is

There was a couple years in the late 80’s where we would say, “What is?” We used it like how you would use “What’s up?” A lot of slang I used back then didn’t make it through. I still say, “Rad” but I don’t need to use “Yeah guy” or “Feak” which was like “this situation is weak” or “Rooted” which was like someone who is extremely disappointed. Analyzing this now, “Rooted” could be more like “Ruded” like someone was harshly rude to another person. “I honked my horn as she took a sip of coffee and it spilled all over her, so ruded.” “So rut.” “Rut” was like in a rut but in the exact moment of the rutness I guess. “I ran out of gas and while we were pushing the car, I got a flat tire. So rut.” LOL.

It is what it is. What is, is. What is shall be. These are all sayings that I think are keeping us in the matrix. If someone wants to control you, the first thing they would do is take away any power you have or make you believe you didn’t have any in the first place. What if it’s your own mind trying to control you and this matrix is your own belief systems?

Everyone has their own matrix to escape from and it’s a web of learned beliefs, imposed beliefs, generational beliefs, etc. We are in an era of these matrixes falling apart. Do you feel it? It is rough and complicated but what do we want? Freedom. When do we want it? Now.

If we are the creators of our reality and if our reality is a reflection of our being-ness then to really own and honor that creativity-ness the more proper saying would be, “I am what is.”

That acceptance of responsibility is the true path to freedom and from there we are actively participating in the co-creation of all of reality.

I was a dust in the wind guy for a long time, not a victim but more like a target of circumstance. Growing up skateboarding you learn how to fall but you also learn how to pull stuff off. This leads to trying to get away with all kinds of things in life and being fine with making it or bailing or slamming. Like that Katt Williams skit, “Trying shit and trying shit, don’t work. Trying shit and trying shit, don’t work.”

It’s not helpful to be all Yoda about it either, “There is no try, only do.” Also the underdog vibes of “Keep going till you get there,” is only halfway helpful.

I think the new new for me and you is accepting that you are right now exactly where you are supposed to be. The idea being that from a different perspective, you are either in or not in alignment. Alignment is when your mental body, physical body, emotional bdoy, and spiritual body are all on the same page. If you are not in alignment then this now moment has a take away for you to learn from and adjust accordingly.

Also consider that the articulation of exactly where you really want to be needs to be re-examined.

A quote from Kappy that he heard somewhere, “Heaven is this very moment. Hell is wanting it to be something else.”

This quote resonates because you can reverse engineer it. If all I am is what all is, then there is no something else. I am heaven. We are heaven, we are paradise.

Apr 18 2019


My new book is out and available online!

Photos by Ray Potes

An ongoing journey in search of El Dorado, the mythical city of gold.

250 Pages
6.69″ x 9.61″
Black and White
Matte Cover / Text
Perfect Bind
Published by Hamburger Eyes



Apr 17 2019


It hit me the other day. Not like a ton of bricks but like a big bag of leaves and it exploded.

While Hamburger Eyes is about the outward journey, Ray’s Reports is about the inward journey.

I only bring it up because at the book fair last week people were asking. I usually just say, “It’s my personal blog.” Which it is, but I been thinking about what I’m doing here and why I am writing about what I’m writing about.

More thinking out loud. Thanks for listening.

Apr 03 2019


This is Michelle. She loves McDonald’s and Sonic the Hedgehog and I’m guessing she made that tshirt. She’s very talented.

Feeling extra wordy these days, been gone too long.

I could’ve been blogging from my phone the whole time. The laptop is not necessary for updating this website, yet I prefer it.

Did I just flop into philosphical nugget on accident? Is life a continuum of desires, separations, and preferences?

I knew I wanted to write about minimizing my crap today. I’m moving. Again.

But I didn’t realize the role of preference in all this.

Everything around you is around you because of preference.

Throwing away something that has zero preference in your life will leave zero feeling of separation.

And vice versa, getting rid of something that has major preference in your life will cause a major feeling of separation. You can anticipate that sepration which is why it’s hard to get rid of.

I guess its my version of Marie Kondo. She will ask if an object brings her joy or not. I am asking if an object has more or less preference than another object assigned to the same duty. LOL.

On another level though, we can say our desires are driven by levels of preference with levels of separation.

In other words, your preference in options combined with the depth and angle of separation will reshape and sharpen what you want.

This really looks like a discussion synonymous with seeking pleasure and avoiding pain and how our decisions are heavily influenced by these factors. Turns out I am not dropping any new philosophy bombs.

Ok then. I can type on my laptop and I can type on my phone, I can do the job of writing on both. The phone wins in portability. The laptop wins because of the keyboard. It’s a tie, so neither is going in the trash today.

(Writing this on my phone now, k thanks bye.)

Apr 02 2019


In the documentary I said something totally dumb along the lines of, “Your photos are your seeds.”

They had asked about my favorite photos that I had shot and I was trying to swerve the question by saying they are all my favorites, like they are my children or something. Embarrassing metaphor that now lives on the internet forever.

In my defense it was probably 8am and I was crazy nervous and there was no prep questions or any time to sort my thoughts.

I’m thinking of this now because a quote popped up recently.

“Don’t judge the day on the harvest, but on the seeds you planted.”

I don’t know who said it or remember where I heard it. Too lazy to look it up.

Ok, just looked it up. Robert Louis Stevenson.

Trying to see if my seeds, our seeds, are our photos or something else? In today’s world, wouldn’t just content in general be the seeds?

A zine, a book, a podcast episode, a video, a blog post?

No, I think the photo IS the seed and then it sprouts into one of those other things.

We may not know what species the seed is until later, sometimes years later.

I’m just thinking out loud here.

What I do know is that if I’m not getting my seeds right, I feel weird.

I don’t shoot or make stuff every day but I am learning lately that I feel better when I do.

BUT, on the other side of the coin, I have gathered some of the most exotic seeds and planted them in the most beautiful soil and sunlight. Watered them with magic water from Merlin himself and yet no fruit was harvested.

I think this is point though. The fun part is the seeds. The harvest, schmarvest.

I went to Paris once with my brother and our friend Monkey. We met a French girl and had a picnic with her.

First we went for some groceries. We learned about wine and cheese and sausage. “Saucisse” means sausage and “saucisson” means dry sausage. Like a salami.

We posted up by a river. “Saucisson c’est la vie,” she said.

I asked her to explain and she continued, “Food is life, wine is life..”

In memory it was way more epic sounding in her accent and she was very attractive. She didn’t say it but I felt more, “Sharing is life, hanging out is life. Today is life.”

“Saucisson c’est la vie,” stuck with us for a while. I still say it sometimes.