Mar 16 2019


This is Martin. He is awesome and really brought the “get da fuck outta hea” anti-cornball vibes to our movie screening. Not that there were any cornballs there, but I haven’t felt that old school NY vibe in a while. We smoked a joint. And I don’t smoke so that’s how fun he is.

I’m almost back to LA, it’s been around 4 weeks from SF to NY and back to SF. Here are some notes.

Haven’t shot as much as I like. But that’s normal. I made my IG account into all portraits, so I find myself mostly looking for portraits which is fine. I wish I brought another lense or 2.

I’m getting old. Can’t stay out all night any more. Trying though. Also, it is hard to eat healthy on a tight travel budget.

And I should’ve brought extra socks for the snow. Wearing 2 pairs became normal. But I’m tropical so not normal at all.

It’s cool to meet all these photographers through Hamburger Eyes. I get down on myself sometimes, but this means I am doing my job correctly. These guys keep it going. “Wanna quit but can’t,” an Amart quote that comes to mind.

Lots of homies in transition. Is it something in the stars?

One thought on “Notes

  1. Something has to be in the stars. Seems like everyone around me is also in transition… myself included.

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