Jan 31 2019


Ok maybe you like your job and working for other people, that’s great. But for some people like me, I can’t do it. I have done it and did a good job but today I think I would have a hard time. I think I would go crazy.

People are quick to say it’s laziness, but I think it’s the opposite. I have ideas and imagination and creativity and feel imprisoned in a regular full time job.

The only solution is either to live on the beach as a beach bum, or start a business. Which is what I have done here. And since it is not that natural to me, I have to study entrepreneurship.

One of the first books I read was “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber. I read it first like 8 years ago and didn’t get much out of it but then read it again about 1 year ago and it changed everything. Sorta. Still a work in progress. I think it will always be a work in progress which is one of the fun parts of working for yourself.

This book talks about the truths and myths of running a business. The “E” in the title stands for entrepreneur. This book is great at systemizing everything so that you can be working “on” your business vs “in” your business. I read a lot of books, most of them unmemorable, but this one probably sits in the top 10.

I’m guessing if you are reading this it is because you found me through Hamburger Eyes. I’m guessing if you found Hamburger Eyes it is because you like photography. If you like photography, I am guessing you have a curiosity about being a working photographer. I know for a fact, talent is not enough. Not because of my talent but because I know of a lot of talented photographers that are having a hard time finding work. If you want to be a working photographer, then you will have to know about selling products or services. So, start with this book. When you’re done with that, I got more for you.

Jan 29 2019


I’m way off schedule. Not off course though. Moving sucks is what it is and all my stuff is either being boxed up or in the storage unit already.

So I gotta adapt. This site is built on WordPress and the Android app is usable finally. This post is being made on my phone right now, while eating dinner and watching “The Interview” with Seth Rogen and James Franco.

Big whoop, I know. But working like this is new to me, it reminds me of when I switched from desktop setup to a laptop.

At this rate, pretty soon all my work will be on my phone, I feel it coming. I edited this photo on my phone with an app called Snapseed.

My online store can be updated with Shopify app. There are multiple pdf layout apps so I can still make zines and books. Google drive for files.

Shipping stuff not so much. Actually scratch that, new printers have blue tooth, so I could create postage and print it from my phone. All bases are seemingly covered.

I’m going to try to see exactly how far I can go with this. I’ll keep you posted.

Jan 25 2019


I saw Aquaman last night. At first I wanna say it’s so bad that it’s good. But I don’t know if it’s that simple.

It’s the story of a man whose father is a regular surface dwelling human and whose mother is the Queen of the ancient deep sea lost city of Atlantis.

The mythology in this movie is great, the dialogue the acting and directing not so much. But about half way through the movie you’re like, “Wait a minute. That entire army is riding on the backs of sharks.” His girlfriend rides an Orca. And there’s a giant octopus wearing war paint playing drums. The graphics are nuts and it gets super psychedelic at certain points.

I give the movie a thumbs up just for the Orca.

Jan 24 2019


A while ago, I listened to the audio book “The One Thing” by Gary Keller. I listen to and read a bunch of books but this one really slaps you good in the face. It’s about setting up your day to do the one thing you want to do the most to eventually master it.

In it he mentions how Stephen King writes every day for 4 hrs. So then I went and bought a hard copy of his book, “On Writing” which is half memoir and half master class on writing. It’s fun reading about how he grew up and is into scary things. It also got me pumped up about writing every day.

Building on the point of yesterday’s post, do your stuff. Everyday. For 4 hrs at least.

Jan 23 2019


This is Reuben. He was visiting from NYC and is an awesome photographer and regular contributor to Hamburger Eyes. I am bummed this exposure came out so bad. But we had fun going to the Museum of Jurassic Technology. It happens to be 4 blocks from my place and I had never been.

“When we ain’t singing, we bringing drama.” – 2pac

2pac is my favorite rapper and this quote just popped in my head. That’s how these blogs start. It’s actually not a lyric, he just says it all pissed off when he’s threatening all other rappers in the song, “Hit Em Up.”

It reminds me of SF. I’m a super mellow person but I have a rowdy bunch of friends up there. I never thought that we “bring drama” but I overheard in a bar more than once, “How does Ray even hang out with these people?” Meanwhile Hong is getting kicked out, Mike has someone in a head lock, and Monkey is about to take off all his clothes.

It also reminds me of a message I been getting a lot recently. I call these messages “downloads” and they come through my intuition, these messages may or may not be from another dimension.

“Sing your songs. Everyday.” That’s it. I get it usually when I am tripping about life in general. I’m not a musician. I’m a photographer, scratch that, blogger. I interpret this message as, “Quit tripping. Make photos and zines and blogs. Everyday.”

To be honest, I am always stressing on how to sell more stuff per month. This message is basically telling me to quit selling and start singing. Everyday.

It’s comforting to simplify it like this. Go back to the joy of making things. And just assume it will all work out if I write new songs. Everyday. That’s it.

Jan 21 2019


Did you feel the eclipse? I think I did. It is supposed to be a time of transformation, I am feeling that for sure. Just when you think you got it all figured out you gotta pack everything and stuff it into a storage unit. Again. That’s ok though. It’s part of the process. You clean out your locker, assess your grades, return your books, and then come back on another level. I’m ready for graduation.

Jan 19 2019


Looks like I have to move again. I think it will be my 5th time in 4 years. It’s annoying. But on the bright side it’s a good time to get rid of stuff and simplifying. I have always been on the west side of LA while all my friends live on the east side. Doesn’t sound like that big of deal but if you live here you know that traffic is not a joke. So now I’m thinking east side. We’ll see what pops up. Maybe slower updates here, maybe not though.

Jan 16 2019


I missed a day again. “Just busy” is not a good excuse. “I forgot” is probably the worst excuse. I have used that in the past when flaking on people. Part of my transition from derelict to upstanding citizen is no longer flaking. Giving myself daily tasks like blogging is really just exercising a potential higher standard for myself by sticking with a schedule. I know it’s not going to be perfect, just as long as we have some progress.

Jan 14 2019


More talk on productivity. In order to hit some of these goals this year, I got to take inventory on my habits. Going to need some new ones and cut some old ones.

Most of these habits aren’t even conscious ones. For example, I wake up and pee and brush my teeth first thing in the morn. It’s automatic. We have all kinds of these programs and apps running all day long.

Since we only have so much brain capacity to deal with a certain amount of decision making per day, almost all of these programs have to run in the background, in our subconscious. Some of these programs are seemingly small, like blinking. Others are massive, cultural, and ancient, like worthiness.

So how do we access the subconscious to delete certain programs and install new ones?

This is pretty much encapsulates the entire study of personal development, I prefer the term “self-mastery”. I’m going to start sharing these books I been reading because obviously I can’t explain it good.

One thing that is interesting is our brain’s capacity for tasks at a time. Don’t quote me on this, we can only think about and do max 7 major things at a time. Let’s say 5 in average. Since I have been stressing about my health, I am constantly thinking about what to eat, what time to eat, and going for groceries. If I am thinking about these 3 things all day, guess what now my brain is running at less than half capacity.

Obvious “hacks” would be food prep on a Sunday for the entire week and make an eating and shopping schedule. Making these changes is like reprogramming my diet app. I think consciously “sticking to the program” for at least a few months will then make it available for auto pilot and inserted into the subconscious, thus making it a new habit.

Steve Jobs wore the same turtle neck everyday because he knew that was one less decision that had to be made, leaving more brain power to do other things. In other words he had a very beefy priority program and a light weight mini wardrobe app.

So in summary. To crack this nut shell of 2019 goals, we need new habits. To get new habits, we need new programs and apps. To access these program files, we need legit self awareness. That is using our brains consciously to influence the subconscious.

After writing all this I am certain we have programs to resist inquiry and avoid change. It’s going to be a long night.

Jan 13 2019

The Chicken

I been getting questions about if I ever shoot photos in color. So here is a still from The Force Awakens. Nowadays my parents can’t hear that good and English is their second language so they like to watch everything with the subtitles on. Watching and reading movies with them I found out you get way deeper into the story, so now I like to watch everything with the subtitles on too. It also adds another dimension to shooting photos off the tv.

Which came first the chicken or the egg? In my case, the egg would be photography and the chicken would be the zine. And in my case, I started making zines before I got into photography so the chicken came first.

Since zines are cheaper, easier, and cooler looking in black and white I started shooting black and white. The main purpose being to publish it in my zines. Black and white film is also cheaper, easier, and funner to process yourself. By my mid 20s I got a job in a black and white darkroom and that’s when I got deep into printing and processing.

I shoot color for commissions, IG stories, and Youtube. Actually I haven’t shot a roll of film since 2014 so everything I shoot is in color from a digital camera, then I convert it to black and white in Photoshop.

At this moment in time it is not that much more money to publish zines in color. Also now that I’m a “blogger” what would it hurt to post some stuff in color, I do sometimes. But for the most part it’s too late. I’m addicted to black and white photos and stuck in it for life probably. I could go on and on about contrast, polarities, yin and yang, hopes and despairs, illusions and realities, heaven and Earth. But in the end I just like how it looks and it’s a language that I am still having fun learning about.

Jan 12 2019

Hypnosis – Jamie Goh

Jamie came over and we talked about hypnosis, what it is, and how it could be used.

Check out Jamie’s channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWDY6PgQ_b4yEY4Gaecoy_w

Check out my channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC020J5scCDlujdvwgmn8iHg

** Listen, download, or subscribe to the audio version on Itunes, Spotify, or right here! **

Jan 12 2019


I missed a day! I was really trying to post something every day but I have an excuse. I was having technical difficulty. Jamie came over and we recorded yesterday for a new podcast episode. I was going to upload it last night but the rendering was going to take over 4 hours.

If you know anything about editing vids, I shot 40 mins on my phone that turned out to be upside down and in 4k. So, in Premier I had to use effects to rotate the video 180 degrees and then resize it which led to insane render and encode times.

It is normally easy. We shoot a video, post that to Youtube, then extract the audio for the podcast. This time around called for a bunch of extra steps.

Anyways, I will post all of it later today.

Jan 10 2019

Bags of Sand

Years ago, during a morning cleaning up after a long night partying, my room mate got pissed finding a bunch of half drunken cans, “Who’s coming over and sandbagging their beers?!”

I always like when someone uses “sandbag” in a sentence. I understand the sandbag. I can relate to it. Not in the sense of half drinking a beer, but in the sense of just chilling.

When I first moved to LA I remember telling someone that I now only have 2 modes, “chill mode” and “chill mode deep”. I was proud of it.

But now I see that I was trying to be a spectator. We are meant to experience new and exciting things, not just a handful of times but all the time. We are not a bag of sand sitting and watching from the bank of the river, or at the bottom of the river, or trying to dam up the river and steer it in a different direction. We are the river.