Nov 11 2018

The Last Judgement

The world is so polarized right now. Can’t we all just get along?

4 thoughts on “The Last Judgement

  1. Ray you rule. So stoked to see you the other night and stoked una sent me to your site. YOur photos and writing are … like a magnet? I can’t last more than a second on photo blogs or whatever this is. Really glad you do this one though .

  2. Rick! Good to see you too! Glad you like the blog, I just recently added the writing and vids so its cool to know someone likes it. Hang again soon!

  3. It can be a bit overwhelming what’s going with us humans these days, but I do believe, that is in times like these, that ‘new’ things/movements/arts/whatever comes up, but to do so, i think is key to be aware of whats going on and make the best of it, Ray. Keep up the great work.

    ps: by the ‘the 4 agreements’ book is amazing, it helped me lots years ago, and have always kept a copy close. might need to revisit it.

  4. Thanks Chris!

    You should def check out the follow up 5th Agreement, just as crucial.

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