Aug 28 2018


My brother got a gig testing recipes for another chef’s cookbook that is about to come out. I guess it is normal for chefs and restaurants to put out recipe books but never test the recipes and then when the customer tries to make a dish it turns out like shit and they leave a bad review. According to Dave this happens all the time. So all the legit recipe book people will pay cooks like my brother to actually cook the food as per directed and then give notes on what works and what doesn’t. Anyways, more free food for me. I went to go borrow a camera from him and ending up having a nice meal. He made a spaghetti with 3 types of nuts in the tomato sauce. It was trippy and delicious.

His girlfriend has a Tanuki statue. This is an old Japanese character that is a drunk raccoon with gigantic balls. I guess the bigger the balls, the more inviting and awesome he is. When I was in Japan for 2 weeks, I spent most of my time looking for these statues and couldn’t find them. Maybe they are banned? Dave lived in Japan when I was visiting, and after I left he said he searched everywhere in multiple cities for like 6 months and couldn’t find any for sale.

Aug 23 2018


Not sure why, and I know I have mentioned this before, but I think blogging or being a blogger is probably the coolest job. So when I am not updating my blog it feels like I am totally lagging on my dreams.

I know bloggers aren’t blogging about their day to day lives like this, but its practice for me just in case something goes down and I have to be a blogger all of a sudden.

I know bloggers are blogging about a specific niche or particular topic like hiking or bitcoin or some shit. For me I thought it would be cool to do camera reviews or even more recently maybe book reviews. It could still be. Did you think the name of this site is an accident?

Nowadays though the hype is being an “influencer” or “vlogger”. But you still have to have a website/blog to link to sell your services or merch or whatever. So in the end it’s still about blogging.

Sometimes you make mistakes. I thought I could do stuff without social media and deleted it all a couple months ago. But as I get older that laptop lifestyle is becoming more and more appealing. So if that means more internet marketing then more internet marketing coming right up. Stay tuned for more experimenting.

Aug 21 2018


A weekend mission to SD again real quick.

The water is so nice here.

Met up with Monkey at the beach, then chilled in his hotel room. He was in town for family stuff too. We watched X-Men 2 before we went out for a drink. I think it is still the best X-Men movie.

Aug 21 2018


There was a series of 3 eclipses in a row. The day before the third one, the sun looked super trippy. I felt the upgrade, did you?

My cat’s lifestyle summed up nicely in this pic. Half chilling on the edge, half not caring. Half ready to pounce, half ready to fall off. Is it true that pets take on the personality of their owners?

Aug 14 2018


HBD to Mike. Jason shaved his head.

Salmon and brocoli.

Chelsea and Ron.

EZ Beach. My secret fortress of solitude.

Dave and Jamie.

Ice cream sando.

Secret sand mound.

Aug 13 2018


I have to drive to San Diego from time to time to visit and check in on my old parents who don’t drive anymore.

I take them shopping.

And I check the latest local news. (This was the first strip club I ever been too.)

Aug 02 2018


I’d like to submit Raiders of the Lost Ark as a “perfect” movie.

I saw Post Malone.

I went to SF for few days and worked the entire time.

I shot photos of tech events near Pier 17.

Saw Kappy for a sec.

Came home to a new kitty. We named him Geronimo but we have been calling him Gerry or Ronnie or Gero or G-Unit or Kitten or Squid.

Dave had a bday beach party.