Jun 27 2018


Finally watched Alien Covenant. I liked it.

Danny was in town and I took him to the Indonesian restaurant. He liked it.


Jun 15 2018


More from SF.

When people are filming you and saying, “Let’s go get some footage of you shooting photos,” you’re thinking, “Yeah right we’re not gonna find anything,” but then these borrachos roll up and bust out their pet raven.

Kappy in the hot seat.


Michelle and Krista.

Filming BB was like filming a music vid. Glad he and his music are gonna be in this thing.

I have been abusing this Blade Runner font, but looks like everyone has. I should’ve bought this back pack.

BB and George.


This person was sleeping funny.

Me and Krista.

Jun 14 2018


Went up to SF last week to film some stuff, can’t say too much about it but I can say it was fun as always.