Dec 26 2017


I went and got a gym membership. They are very aggressive trying to get you to purchase hours with a personal trainer. “Man, you are really letting yourself down if you don’t spend $800 on 5 sessions with me. There is no way you can get in shape on your own. I only have 1 spot left. Don’t be one of those people who don’t know what they are doing.” It was like 45 minutes of this because they do offer a free consultation where they weigh you and get your body mass index measurements etc. “I already said it 50 times, I can’t afford it. Let me hop on your computer and I will show you my bank balance.” And then he got all super sad and salty! WTF?! What a dummy. This is a photo of 5 lbs of fat. According to his machines, I have 25 % body fat which is approx 45 lbs!

This is my Alix. I shot some photos of her wearing Hamburger Eyes stuff. And then her mouth was bleeding. She lost a ton of weight since I seen her. She works out a lot. An inspiration.

This is behind her house.

People are hating on the Last Jedi. I liked it. But I get it, there were lots of scenes that seemed way too long and unnecessary and for little kids. But overall, I liked it.

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