Nov 30 2017

EP. 02 – WINDOWS 2018

I didn’t even know what to title this episode because there is so much info. After talking to Lucio a bunch (remember him from Ep. 01 ?), Danny decided to go to Brazil and find out what is going on for himself. He got a bunch of recordings, but this is the one. And I had to edit it because there was some info we can’t talk about yet. But there is a lot here. Including how everything we thought was going to happen in 2012 is actually happening in 2018. And we have a window of time to activate. Start your preparations now. Find a comfy quiet spot to listen to this one.

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Filipon belongs to a group called “Dakila Research”.  They are based in Brazil and there are 100s of members all over the world. Including Lucio. Danny went to one of their conferences. (Which I would like to interview him more about.) Their group has been communicating and training with beings from other planets and dimensions for over 20 years. Earth is about to go through some major changes and they decided to help prepare the humans with information and technology.  They ask to share this with everyone. 

Check out Filipon’s site –

In this episode they talk about training to get your frequency right for interdimensional travel. Danny got these photos of their photos. This man vibrated up to the space ship. This is his bed and in the next photo is the ceiling above his bed.

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