May 17 2017


This is the beginning of Star Trek: Into Darkness when Spock is inside a live volcano about to erupt and he’s like “Fuck it, don’t rescue me.”

My Mom’s roses are going crazy. They are huge.

This is one of those things when you read about it and you’re like, “This is going to change everything.” Maybe it will, I haven’t noticed much. I think I need to give it more time. This herb has a few nicknames, my faves are “the smell of a horse” and “strength of a stallion”.

Wonder Woman on a bus stop bench. I am excited for this movie.

Testing my new phone. Samsung S8. I missed focus here. But see how big these roses are out of control.

Anchorman was playing on a tv inside the bathroom mirror at this bar? It was cool though.

Remember when I used to give health updates related to my teeth? Well I didn’t do such a good job. 2 of them had to be extracted. And they kept breaking so they pulled them out in pieces. I think I chew weird now. Tell me if I do the next time we go eat.


  1. I really like your pictures. I just bought three issues of Hamburgereyes and the images are inspiring. Be careful, I came back from a long trip to Eastern Europe and had some dumb infection in my mouth and had to have all my uppers pulled! I also took pictures.

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