Apr 11 2017


I am bringing back my research section. At first I thought it was too “off topic” so I took it off, but now I am realizing that in these hectic times all we have is self education and truth seeking.

Technology has hit the elbow of exponential growth. We are about to see all the sci fi stuff become real. Nanobots. AI. Mars is happening in our lifetime. Though what is a “lifetime” going to be when we can either upload our brains to a computer or just keep 3D printing new body parts and organs.

We have to keep up or get left in the dust. I study lots of things from futurology and science to entrepreneurship and health. I will start posting on all of these topics. The way I see it is if I can sell more zines today, then I can get me a robot wife in the future. In outer space.

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