Apr 27 2017


Monkey came to town for Tony’s 50th bday. He got a pool side room at the Lafayette. It was rad.

Tony’s 50! We got kicked out of 2 bars this night. We still know how to do what we were born to do I guess.

Apr 03 2017


One time, under pressure, I let my band mates cut bangs into my long hair before a show. I was hoping it would look like this. Or The Ramones. It didn’t. It looked like shit. But I did get to kiss a girl that night.

Apr 03 2017


Walmart uno dread.

“One day you will be free.”

This is just dangerous. One handed ape hangers splitting lanes. It is cool looking though.

Apr 03 2017


They say once you start a blog, you can’t stop. I say you can get lazy though or just get busy with other things. I do plan on dropping up to $3gs on some new camera gear LATER THIS WEEK. I’m thinking the blog might be on berserker mode after that. We’ll see.