Mar 01 2017


Hamburger Eyes collaboration board with OTHERNESS. It’s got full bleed top and bottom graphics packaged with a zine.

This is what it looks like gripped. It’s a biggie. 9″ wide and hella long. It needs 149s and 57mm wheels at least I think. But then risers too. Working on it. I will let you know the right setup when I get there.

It was rad going to the factory to pick up the boards. Turns out I already knew the owners from high school days.

Mar 01 2017


Jake Michaels and Daniel Arnold had an awesome show at Slow Culture. The last show there.

They were selling all the photos right off the wall and then replacing them with new ones. This guy ruled everything.

Most of the crowd bailed too early because later in the night they hung the big ones.

Mar 01 2017


An old car.

A fake blue curb.

Chuck and a fake baby.

Efdogg and Lord Den.

Mar 01 2017


Tino is killing it with his new book out. I got to shoot some press photos and they used one in the LA Weekly.