Jan 18 2016



I always joked about when I get rich I’d get a green lamborghini and then I saw one! Mine would have 4 doors though, and be amphibious.

Jan 08 2016



Hollywood Blvd. I was cruising around and noticed there was like 8 Spidermans. I have photo of a Venom suit Spiderman drinking Starbucks with Green Lantern and a regular suit Spiderman. Here’s a big wig in a window near by there.

Jan 05 2016



Our SF studio was on the second floor. We leaned out the windows to smoke cigarettes. It was the “Eagle’s Nest” we called it for a minute, overlooking an alley with 24th st to the left and 25th to the right. Mission st was behind us, but you could watch it from the roof. Andrea was the youngest one at the time. We named her “Baby Eagle” which became “Beagle” within seconds. It didn’t stick as a nick name, but it marked an epic era for Hamburger Eyes. Sooner or later we got kicked out. She got this tattoo in Nyc approx 1 year after eviction.

Jan 05 2016



Happy New Year! This year I hope to blog more. I don’t have a real reason why. Well I have photos to share sure, but the writing I don’t know. I think the writing is good exercise for my brain maybe. So if you’re reading this, you are witnessing me practicing and experimenting with vocabulary, grammar, memory, etc. I don’t get to do these things in any other part of my life. There’s emails and texts, but those are just one or two words at a time. What if I wanna write something one day. Oh maybe that’s the answer, see the truth lurks as I write out loud. It is worth it..